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  • Adam Embry

John Jewel Treatises: On Scripture & The Sacraments

Our very own Venerable Andrew Brashier recently edited a book on two of Bishop John Jewel's treatises on Scripture and the Sacraments. Published by North American Anglican Press, the work is a fantastic contribution to our Anglican theological heritage. Bishop Jewel is best known for his defense of the Church of English, Apologia, written 1572.

In the introduction Father Brashier writes, "Bishop Jewel reminds us in his work that the Holy Scriptures are the foundation of our faith, with the cornerstone of our Lord Jesus Christ. Christians of every stripe would do well to take his words to heart and in practice. His second treatise builds upon the first and demonstrates how we enter into the Christian life, are nourished by our Lord, and are enriched in the life of the Spirit through faith. These fundamentals need to be recovered by Christians everywhere, taught to our children, and proclaimed to all the nations."

You can pick up a copy here.


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