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Order your copy of the twice-yearly journal from the Jurisdiction of the Armed Forces and Chaplaincy of the Anglican Church in North America. Articles are contributed by chaplains in the U.S. military services; in hospitals and hospices; first responder fire and police chaplains; prison and community chaplains.

One area for which Anglicanism is known and respected is the incorporation of "reason" into our faith discussions. Anglicans long ago established their tradition as a credible source for understanding the Holy Scriptures and the historic Christian faith and have never been fearful of addressing the hard issues of life. There are new ideas that occupy the minds of many current Anglican theologians and leaders; but, how can new topics and ideas, such as "Reformation Anglicanism" or "Heritage Anglicanism," be constructively put forth without consistent, well-ordered, and historically-grounded contributions made available to assist in shaping the Anglican discussion? So, it would seem prudent to structure and create a definitively Anglican journal publication that, while focused on chaplaincy, might serve to help facilitate and shape new discussions, serving as a resource for all Anglicans as well as those who are exploring the historic church catholic. That is why this journal is being fielded. Contributors to this journal are all respected leaders in their ministry specialties. My prayer is that they not only help you understand more what it means to be an Anglican Christian, but that it might provoke in you a deep desire to be more diligent in the study of scripture, in the cultivation of your personal relationship with our triune God and your faith in Christ Jesus as Savior and Lord.

The Right Reverend Derek L.S. Jones
Bishop of the Armed Forces and Chaplaincy